07 July 2009

We're just Plane Crazy

Plans for our new podcast are now well advanced. Grant & I are working with the title "Plane Crazy Down Under" and we're hoping to post up a "pilot" (no pun intended!) episode later in the week.

We hope to make this podcast a hybrid mix of some of our favourites, such as Airplane Geeks, Uncontrolled Airspace, Airspeed and the Pilots Flight Podlog. In short, discussion and comments on airline news, general aviation issues, training, aviation politics, aircraft photgraphy, flight simulators and so on. Where we hope to be unique is in our focus on these subjects from an Australia Pacific perspective. As best I can tell, there aren't any Australian aviation podcasts on the net at the moment, so we're pioneering the concept here.

The website is just a blank page with a Twitter link at the moment, but Grant is a wiz at web pages, so it won't be long before something great appears there. For now though, we'd appreciate your comments & advice, either via this blog, or at www.blog.flymefriendly.com . You can follow our podcast at Twitter at @pcdu

Our email for the podcast is planecrazydownunder@gmail.com

03 July 2009

The beginning of a podcast adventure

It's been great fun of late producing the Australia Desk report for the Airplane Geeks Podcast along with my friend Grant.  Its been a sharp learning curve, and getting the reports down to a short segment for the Geeks has proven to be more of a challenge each week.

We're finding that each recording session produces close to an hour of talk, perhaps half of which is usable for the podcast.  The problem comes when I have to make the decision over what stays in, and what goes out.  I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that a 30 minute show is become quite feasible.  I have wanted to do a podcast of my own for a couple of years now, but didn't think I could do it to any reasonable standard, however, many of the positive comments we've received lately have encouraged me to think that maybe, just maybe, I could do it after all.

Along with Grant, the plans for an Australia Pacific centred aviation podcast are beginning to take shape.  I hope to do a "pilot" episode in the next couple of weeks and see how it goes.

Any suggestions and feedback would be more than welcome as we go along.   We'll keep you posted on developments.

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