19 March 2009

RAAF - General Dynamics F111-C - Avalon 2009

Royal Australian Air Force
General Dynamics F111-C

6 Squadron, RAAF Amberley, QLD

The RAAF is the only Air Force in the world still operating these awesome aircraft. This example has been in service since 1973, and sadly, along with the remainder of the fleet, will be retired in 2010 to be replaced by F/A18-F Super Hornets.

Of all the aircraft I came to see fly at this show, it was this guy. Unfortunately the weather was less than favourable and it stayed on the ground. We'll miss the famous "dump & burn" that concludes every show the F111 attends. It was a shame we couldn't have seen it this day.

These less than perfect shots were the best I could manage while it was on static display

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