10 June 2009

Oh no! Airplane Geeks slightly less geeky??

Airplane Geeks of the World lament! Coutney Miller, one of the founders of the Airplane Geeks Podcast has left in search of employment opportunities up in Canada.
I hope that we'll still be able to hear him occasionally on the podcast - I think we'd all agree that his experience in the industry helps to give great insight into its workings, and his friendly style on the podcast is one of the factors in making it an easy show to listen to each week.

I'm sure I speak for all listeners to the podcast in wishing Courtney every success in his future endeavours. Speaking as a pilot who spends far too much time on the ground, I can only envy him and others like him who are able to fly regularly and make a living doing it.

I'd also like to thank him for allowing me to try my hand in the podcasting game by running my "Australia Desk" reports. It was Court who came up with the name - and the Tee Shirt -and if I'm somehow able to come up with a decent podcast of my own some day, I'll owe a great deal of gratitude to him.

Of course, the format of the show will change a bit now, and it's up to listeners to help Max out by sending in articles, or better still, by having a go at recording yourself reading local articles like I do each week. There is plenty of free software around to do it with (I use Audacity), so give it a try.

Best wishes Court. Hope it all works out perfectly for you & your family.

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