17 April 2010

End of day 1 in Perth.

Well, at the end of a very interesting day, I've managed to get a couple of quick interviews so,all things considered, I'm happy with that. I'll be back at the Red Bull Air Race tomorrow wiser for today's experiences, and I'm determined to get to all the media events next time around!

I managed a quick chat with 2008 World Champion, Hannes Arch, who gave me a run down on his efforts today. He's says he's pretty happy with the plane, and thinks he'll be well in contention tomorrow. Like many this year, he is flying a brand new aircraft and has had to iron out a few bugs in the process. It seems that the heat of Middle East in round 1 was a real factor for many teams, but Hannes says the milder temperatures here in Perth have helped.

I also chatted with Lenny Rulason, Matt Halls Chief Engineer.Lenny is a native of Arizona, and has served with a number of other Red Bull teams over the years. He's also an accomplished aerobatics pilot in his own right and talked about the great spirit of friendship that exists among all the teams pilots. It seems they all know each other well from many years of doing the air show and air race circuits.

Our local hero, Matt Hall managed a best time of 1:29.35 today, and it leaves him about five secondoff the current leader, the unstoppable Paul Bonhomme. As always, Matt is coll and quietly confident about his chances tomorrow, and one gets the sense that he was doing just the right amount required today to make the super eights round. With his ultra sleek, brand new MXS-R all tuned up tonight, and ready to go in the morning, the crowds in Perth will be hoping to see Matt go all out in his quest for victory tomorrow.

Now, I have to work out where I parked the car and head back to my hotel. It's been a great day here in WA, and I'll be heading out early tomorrow to catch all the action.

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