17 April 2010

Red Bull Air Race Perth 2010 - Day 1

Well, here I am, on my first media trip and trying my best to be a "real" journalist!

After finally finding a place to park, I have found my way into the Media Centre, and wow, I feel like I've entered another world. Everything is provided here - food, drink, wifi access, press kits & full live stats. I've set myself up here with the computer, and I'm about to trek off on the media shuttle to the race airport, which is on the opposite side of the Swan River.

Without Grant here to grab all the interviews, it's going to be both a challenge and a learning process for me. My first stop will Matt Hall Racing and hopefully an interview or three!

I admit to feeling more than a little out of my depth right now, but on the other hand, I am really pleased that all the hard work we've put into PCDU is beginning to pay off.

More updates later.... My media shuttle ride awaits.....

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