18 April 2010

Red Bull Air Race Perth 2010, Day 2

Day 2 of the serious stuff at the Red Bull Air Race in Perth, Western Australia, and the conditions couldn't be more perfect for high energy flying. Forecast of 29 degrees, light sea breezes and chrystal clear blue skies has attracted huge crowds to the south bank of the Swan River.

After managing to negotiate the plethora of traffic diversions and road closures, I find myself back in the media centre again, and it's straight down to business. In the absence being able to get as many interviews as I'd planned, I've decided the best thing I can do for the PCDU audience is to keep them updated with live times and happenings via Twitter. I've also warmed up the camera and it's getting a pretty heavy workout.

At the time of writing, the wild card round has been completed. The bottom four times from yesterday get the chance to compete for two spots in the top twelve. This time around it was Martin Sonka, Yoshihide Muroya, Alejandro Maclean and Peter Besenyei.

Sonka was first into the track, and after a disastrous run, taking out two pylons, he was first out of the game today. Muroya was next and screamed through the course with no penalties. Maclean went through next but managed an error and a pylon hit, so that was the end of things for him today. This left Besenyei to come though and do little more than fly clean; which he did in his usual smooth manner.

The result therefore were Besenyei & Muroya into the top twelve.

So, after a brief pause, and a nice flyby from a QANTAS 737-800, we are waiting for the top twelve round to commence.

Let's hope Matt Hall can claw his way up from 7th position today. I told his media manager last night that I was expecting to record all the audio fromMatt's presso conference tonight following his win.

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